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KYC Registrations and ICO Consulting


Solutions for Big Investors in banned countries – You are an investor and want to participate in ICO’s, but you are from a banned country (USA, China, etc)?  Or you feel that you need expert consulting to gain more incomes from ICO’s?

I need KYC registrations

You can be from an banned country or  just want you identity anonymous. You choose your needs and we deal with everything else.

I Need a ico Consultant

You want to put your money in Alt Coins and have profit with it? You just need to have the money becase the rest, it’s our job – ICO Experts


We are a team that helps investors participating in ico’s or other type of registrations, when this investors are from banned countries. We also make Culting Services, more inside ICO’s. We help our top clients making the right investments, using our knowledge to point the right directions.

It’s simple, anonymous for you and the guarantee that this is the best bussiness for you.

You can choose 2 services: you need KYC Registrations in ICO’s or you need an Expert Consultant.

Send us your request via contacts (Email, Telegram).

Two cenarios : if you choose the KYC Registration, just wait for the KYC Status. If successful, you send the payment. If not, you don’t pay nothing;  if you choose the Consulting, just wait to see your investments grown day by day.

You will receive one new email account and a shared folder. There, you will have all the info shared by you an us, and you can see the live updates. Our service it’s very exclusive and we keep track of our investors, very close to them (Premium Support)

About Us

This team works on this type of services since about two years ago. This job is done with nothing more than perfection and we only work with top investors. Our services are exclusive and every client it’s a different client, so don’t expect that the advice’s that we gave to some other client are the same that we give to you. Exclusivity and efficiency are our slogan and we do our best to make the clients happy and, of course, rich.

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Based In Europe

Fully Protect the Privacy of our Clients

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